If you love sugar, I recommend you watch this one video

Just watched this amazing TED Talk about the effects of sugar in our body.

It’s crazy!

And not only children, but many adults start their day with a vanilla latte, and a muffin, or a bread with something…. everything is sugar!

Then they realize mid-morning that their energy levels are down… and they feel tired, just want a nap.

That’s all due to sugar. I’ve already written about the danger of giving cereal to children in the morning, but us adults also need to worry. In fact, not only about morning, but the whole day.

This talk by Jody Stanislaw, called Sugar is Not a Treat explains really well what happens to sugar in our bodies, and the effects in mid to large periods – most types of diabetes are preventable, so why risk having to get an injection every day of your life?!?

Watch this video, share it with your friends, and change your eating habits – TODAY!

Sugar is not a treat, it’s dangerous and it doesn’t make you healthy. As Jody mentions in the talk – you don’t need to completely avoid sugar, but having a 80/20 rule is a great start: let sugar be present in 20% of what you eat, not the other way round!

And be mindful of the products that contain hidden sugar – we all know about coca-cola, but what about boxed “fruit” juices which are not fruit? Or non-fat yogurts which have a LOT of sugar?

Let’s learn about what we eat, feel great, and live longer 😉


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