About Me


Hi, I’m Tina!

I’m passionate about all things health and fitness, including nutrition. I sincerely believe we can prevent many of the world’s top diseases with a good diet and exercise.

Now, a little about my background…

I graduated in Business Administration from UFRJ, in Brazil. Then I built an international career in digital marketingĀ for over 20 years (wow, #showedmyage !).

When I realised that traditional marketing did not bring measurable results, I specialised in digital marketing in London, where I lived for 10 amazing years.

Back in Brazil I was a consultant at Accenture, an Account Director at Ogilvy and at Adobe I consulted with clients and agencies in marketing performance measurement.

But, my all-time favorite experience till this day was growing the user community at the MyFitnessPal app for 2 years. MyFitnessPal is theĀ world’s largest digital nutrition and fitness platform, with over 140 million users, globally. In 2015 the company was acquired by Under Armour and I became the executive responsible for creating the Latin-American operations of Under Armour Connected Fitness, which included the apps Endomondo, the Map My collection of apps and UA Record.

During my time at MyFitnessPal I started investigating what makes people succeed in losing weigh, eating better and becoming healthier open my mind to the world or health and wellness. And I became fascinated how hard it is, but also how simple steps can help us in the journey to #betterhealth.

After 19 years of practice, in 2018 I became a yoga instructor and today live in Barcelona with my cats Lya and divide my time between digital marketing & holistic health + yoga projects, such as this health blog.

More about my experience can be found on my Linkedin profile.

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