10 ideas for a healthier day

  1. avoid processed food (in other words, don’t eat anything that your grandmother wouldn’t;t recognize ;))
  2. reduce sugar intake. If possible, remove it entirely! think about morning cereals…
  3. reduce the amount of salt you eat
  4. use your car less and walk more
  5. eat 5 portions at least of fruits and vegetables
  6. do at least 30 minutes of exercise
  7. spend a few minutes here and there… breathing. simply, breathing
  8. meditate, even if for 5 minutes. look at the sky, look at your feet while walking, count your breaths… or use an app! I love Insight Timer
  9. remember to drink lots of water, or liquids. how much? Simply check the color of your urine… if it’s light, you’re doing well. if it’s dark… more liquids, please!
  10. did you know that alcohol has an incredible amount of calories? So if you want to loose weight, not only cut the bier from your diet, but also the gin tonic, the wine, spirits in general… 😉

That was it. Short, and simple. And sweet! Well, without sugar, but sweet 😛


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