What do YOU want to learn about?

Hello there. Besides loving health, behavior change, learning about the microbiome, how we (people in this planet) can eat better in order to prevent disease, I’m also a teacher. I teach digital marketing, as well as yoga. aooouuhhhmmmm 😉

And I do love teaching. Be it something that’s really easy for me, or something that in fact I need to learn in order to share with my audience.

The reason I start by saying this it is that with this blog I also want to be of service to you, reader, and bring you easy, digestible information – but that is relevant to you.

So, feel free to add in the comments topics that you’d like me to research and cover here on this platform.

From now on I’ll start not only curating interesting content, like I’ve had for a while, but also will produce content that is actionable, relevant, interesting, and hopefully fun too. After all, eating, exercising, having less stress should be fun, no? We just need to find what TYPE of food, exercise, movement, quality time we identify with, and like. Otherwise, trust me, we’ll never really like being healthy.

I always tell this story: when I lived across the street to a beautiful park, I decided to start running. Yeah, everyone I know that runs, loves running. People, “normal” people, go on and run marathons!!! I say normal with the meaning of not-athletes, before you find yourself non-normal. If you run, for me, you’re actually super, above-normal hehe

So, back to my story…. I got my music, got an app to coach me (Nike Run, if you’re curious), got on my yoga clothes (so no friction there either), and on a nice sunny day, crossed the street to go running. Ah! Didn’t have to rush there or back (no pun intended) because I have a flexible work schedule. So…. all factors were in my favor!

But guess what happened?

It was tough, had to walk more than run. But after a while, it felt really good. Went back home already planning the next run.

So I went again after a couple of days, and ran a bit more! It was still tough, because I could really hardly run, Would be breathless really quickly. And all those gazelles and experienced runners would pass me by.

No worries – my “pace” – the speed you run a mile, as I understand it – was improving – ooh hoo! I was becoming, slowly but surely, a runner!!

And I went running for a third time.

And that was my last one.

Why, you ask me? I couldn’t tell you for sure. But one thing I know – forming a habit, or becoming good at something, takes time. Effort, especially if it’s as intense as running. And need motivation and dedication. Although I had the time, the weather, the clothes, the coach, the music, the physical ability…. it still wasn’t enough.

I didn’t take up running in the end.

That’s one of the reasons I decided I want to share knowledge and experience with many many people, starting from this blog. People who want to improve their health, people who want to take up a habit, people who want to become healthier – being exercise, eating better, reducing stress.

I hope you like it. And I hope you participate, so I can bring more interesting content that will help you – and your loved ones – on this journey.

My dream is to help more and more people don’t get to the point they need medicine, because with their day-to-day lives, they will lose weigh, don’t get colds (or get much less, because their immune system is strong!), reduce the amount of sugar they eat and, eventually, live longer. But longevity – health longevity – is the subject of another post.

Now, back to where I started…. let me know what would help you – setting up a morning routine? Eating more fruits? Watching less telly?

Tell me here in the comments, and share this post with friends who are also curious about life improvement. Até mais! Bis bald! See you later, alligator!


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