4 strategies from disease and behavioral experts to help you minimize the spread of the coronavirus

Why is it so hard to stop? Face-touching rewards us by relieving momentary discomforts like itches and muscle tension. These discomforts usually pass within a minute, but face-touching provides immediate relief that eventually makes it a habitual response that resists change. https://www.businessinsider.com/4-ways-to-stop-touching-face-minimize-spread-of-coronavirus-2020-3

Workers fail to address their own health concerns

Employees are concerned about their health and well-being, but they lack specific knowledge of their health status and motivation to change poor behaviors It may pay for employers to go the limit to encourage worker health. A Humana study from August 2019 found that a healthy workforce leads to higher productivity and healthcare savings. The health insurer saidContinue reading “Workers fail to address their own health concerns”

Why Apple and Johnson & Johnson’s new heart study is a big deal for digital health

The goal is to recruit 150,000 people who will be randomly assigned into one of two buckets. Either they’ll be navigated iPhone app, called Heartline, which provides health education and tips. Or they’ll be given the Apple Watch, either as a loaner device or at a heavily subsidized price of $49 plus tax. That’s a heavyContinue reading “Why Apple and Johnson & Johnson’s new heart study is a big deal for digital health”

Employers are adding high-tech solutions to solve a low-tech problem: Getting more sleep

After several years of recognizing sleep’s role in productivity and controlling health-care costs, some employers are actively giving employees tools to do something about it, taking advantage of new hardware and apps to affect behavioral changes. https://www.seattletimes.com/business/employers-are-adding-high-tech-solutions-to-solve-a-low-tech-problem-getting-more-sleep/

Wellness programme helps male rugby fans get fitter, healthier

Interesting case study! https://www.odt.co.nz/sport/rugby/wellness-programme-helps-male-rugby-fans-get-fitter-healthier

Hilton Launches New Wellness Focused Hotel Chain

Tempo by Hilton, a lifestyle brand which the hotelier says has been curated ‘to serve a growing segment of “modern achievers” seeking a hotel experience that reflects their ambition’, comes in response to a survey of 10,000 Hilton guests who identify as wellness-focused travellers. The concept features guided meditations, sustainably-sourced food, premium non-alcoholic drink optionsContinue reading “Hilton Launches New Wellness Focused Hotel Chain”

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