Fasting improves metabolism, sleep quality and longevity

Another interview that shows the benefits of fasting – 12 to 13 hours a day. I’ve tried it – it’s not that hard. Just calculate about 12 hours from the time you had dinner, and then start thinking about breakfast 😉 Interesting take from the interview, on nutrition: We studied the diet of Italian childrenContinue reading “Fasting improves metabolism, sleep quality and longevity”

Longevity: what about the consequences?

Some scientists call aging a disease. And they want to eradicate it. So, when we achieve this, people will live much longer lives. And they will be healthy. When we talk about health, disease prevention, what we want is to live a healthy life. But we also want to live our final days healthy. InContinue reading “Longevity: what about the consequences?”

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