Longevity can have a greater impact on retirement money than inflation

A new report from the TIAA Institute and George Washington Universityreveals that more than half of American adults don’t know how long people generally tend to live in retirement, which given their possible longevity could have them failing to save enough money to last as long as they themselves do. https://www.cnbc.com/2023/01/16/longevity-can-have-a-greater-impact-on-retirement-money-than-inflation.html

Eating our Way To Extinction: a documentary worth watching

Just finished watching this documentary – and must admit I’m a bit shocked. Impressed. I thought I know quite a bit about how what we eat impacts the environment, but this documentary shows data and consequences which I did not have a clue. Eating plant-based must be a priority; the world cannot continue as itContinue reading “Eating our Way To Extinction: a documentary worth watching”

Longevity: looking forward

After my post on the consequences of us living longer a few days back, here’s another article just out from Forbes on the future of longevity: Want To Live Longer? How Life Extension Industry Will Reboot Health, Wellness and The Economy

How will health change after COVID-19?

Peter Diamantis shares my vision! First, let me be clear that what we have today is *sick-care.* That is, the system (attempts to) take care of us after we get sick, treating symptoms, not preventing root causes. But what if all your health parameters—blood chemistries, body temperature, heart rate (HR), HR variability, respiratory sounds, walking cadence, even your stool andContinue reading “How will health change after COVID-19?”

Google’s acquisition of Fitbit could pose ‘high level of risk to privacy and data protection’

jm https://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/europe/google-s-acquisition-fitbit-could-pose-high-level-risk-privacy-and-data-protection

The top 5 technologies that will change health care over the next decade

Advancements in exoskeleton technology, AI’s ever-increasing importance in health care, and technologies like 5G and quantum computing soon going mainstream. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/healthcare-information-technology/5-technologies-predicted-to-change-healthcare-over-next-10-years.html

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