Tally Health unveiled: David Sinclair’s consumer longevity company launches


Which Diet Can Optimize Health and Longevity?


Can We Change How Fast Humans Age? A New Study Is Getting Closer to the Answer


9 Global Experts Explore The Benefits And Challenges Of A 2023 Longevity Strategy

Longevity is quickly becoming the new hot topic. And while some may consider it merely a trend, the goal of creating a longevity mindset in the workplace is here to stay. Larger, forward-thinking companies may soon appoint a high-level executive to integrate the idea of a longevity mindset across all business functions–or add the responsibility to an existing executive position.


Longevity can have a greater impact on retirement money than inflation

A new report from the TIAA Institute and George Washington Universityreveals that more than half of American adults don’t know how long people generally tend to live in retirement, which given their possible longevity could have them failing to save enough money to last as long as they themselves do.


Food as medicine? It’s not as simple as it sounds. – The Washington Post

“The move to embrace “food as medicine” is bolstered by researchshowing that food prescriptions by medical professionals can cut health-care costs and improve well-being, especially for those who do not have the resources to access healthy food.


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