Eating our Way To Extinction: a documentary worth watching

farming subsidies from governments

Just finished watching this documentary – and must admit I’m a bit shocked. Impressed.

I thought I know quite a bit about how what we eat impacts the environment, but this documentary shows data and consequences which I did not have a clue.

Eating plant-based must be a priority; the world cannot continue as it is. And not only for nature, forests and the like, but eating farmed fish we’re running into serious threat of eating plastic, and what’s worse, chemicals used to keep fish alive in the fish farms.

Very impressive, and I’m a bit shaken – need some time now to absorb and reflect on the information shared on it.

Here’s the link – it’s free on Youtube: Eating our way to extinction .

I recommend spending 1hr15 watching it. Then, feel free to comment here your thoughts, and if you’re going to change anything in your diet after watching it.

I’ll definitely eat less fish, if any.

How will you change for the better?

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