So… running or weight training? Which one is better?

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If what you want is to live longer, then according to research just carried out in Germany, you’d better run. Or, do any endurance exercise, as they call it. Get your heart pumping.

After accompanying 266 inactive people (i.e. who did less than 60 mins exercise a week), scientists measured the volunteers’ telomeres before and after the study.

During the study, half of them did resistance training – lifting weights, doing abdominals, etc, and the other half did aerobic exercises such as running, cycling and walking.

The results? Well, even though I’m a yoga person, I have to give them credit for their discovery: doing at least 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity a week will make you live longer. It not only lengthens telomeres but also has a positive effect on inflammation.

News week has a good article about the study – check it out here (“Best Simple Exercises for Living a Long Life, According to Experts”).

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