Longevity: what about the consequences?

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Some scientists call aging a disease. And they want to eradicate it. So, when we achieve this, people will live much longer lives. And they will be healthy.

When we talk about health, disease prevention, what we want is to live a healthy life. But we also want to live our final days healthy. In other words, we want a good longevity, a life that we can enjoy until the final days, instead of suffering from a disease or in a body that can hardly operate anymore.

This article (The New Longevity Isn’t Coming. It’s Here) is really interesting. It covers the main challenges we’ll face, such as:

  • if people live longer, there will be many more people alive, and above 80 years old, than we have today. What will they do? who will pay for their pensions and social security? how will the economy cope with this extra amount of older people?
  • if people live longer, and healthily, they can continue working. Will there be need for all this extra workforce?
  • Will the medical sector keep up with their needs? what sort of blood tests, muscle and bone health tests will need to be carried out?
  • Will their mental health keep up with their sane bodies?
  • Taxes: will we pay less taxes, but for more years?
  • If we live longer – and well – will be have children later, or continue to have children after 50, or 60?
  • Entertainment: will older people lke the same movies and books they did in their 60s, or 70s?

All in all, it will be super fun to see how all this plays out. The whole society will need to adapt, be it from an economic perspective, to a cultural one – seeing more and more people is their late years will be common.

Are you ready? 😉

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